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We unlock regulatory licenses for Fintech companies to operate internationally



Astana Business Accelerator & Consultancy (ABAC) is a boutique corporate service provider, focused on empowering Fintech companies to obtain a regulatory license to operate internationally out of Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). Our solution enables a Fintech company to be regulatory compliant in international markets, and test different markets either as the main license or a second license.

Our service is offered as a turnkey solution. We handle everything from license application and delivery to fully regulatory compliant corporate setup and government reporting. In other words we run your satellite office and manage all the regulatory matters, while you as the Fintech can focus on building the next revolutionary financial innovation.

Our team has been involved in AIFC before its inauguration in 2018, and has experience in various Fintech license applications, such as digital and traditional banking, providing money services, operating crowdfunding platform, operating an exchange etc.

We would love to hear more about your project and how we can help you to navigate through the often unclear Fintech regulations.

Let us set you up for regulatory compliance, so that you can focus on building the next Fintech unicorn

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In order to apply for regulatory license, the Fintech should be incorporated under AIFC. We help you to get started with a fully compliant corporate setup from office address and mandatory positions to government and regulatory reporting.


In today's Fintech space regulation has become an important topic. With every crypto market crash we seem to move towards regulation, whether we want it or not. Our Fintech License -as a Service model enables your Fintech to become fully regulatory compliant.


Now that you have your company setup and a regulatory license in your pocket, it's time to look into what other support your Fintech needs in order to grow. Whether it's to plug you into a global Fintech / Web3 ecosystem, or introduce you to investors, we got you covered.



Before talking to ABAC we were spending a lot of time on trying to setup in AIFC ourselves. ABAC helped us getting licensed, which allowed us to move into number of new markets, while saving costs of opening offices in all of them.

Ari Honka, CEO at AISBX

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